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The 1880 House Fisherman's Lodge

We're overlooking the Salmon River in Pulaski New York, Oswego County.

We're the prime Steelhead Trout and Salmon fishery in New York State.


  The Salmon River in Pulaski is a World Class Fishery.

Come Steelhead and Salmon Fishing on the 

Salmon River,  Pulaski NY

Oswego County, Boasts
"10 IFGA" World Record Fish Most of which have been caught in the
Salmon River!!!

Salmon River NY Species 


Chinook Salmon (King Salmon)
Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)

From Late August thru October
Huge runs of
King Salmon and Cohoes enter the Salmon River from Lake Ontario.

This is the best time to fish for them.

    Keep in Mind: Many Guests of the 1880 House Fisherman's Lodge, and anglers at other accommodations in the area make their reservations 1 year in advance, so try and plan your trip and book your reservations early. The 1880 House does not recommend coming to the Pulaski NY---Salmon River area during Salmon Season without a reservation!!!

Brown Trout

October and November

Steelhead Trout

Mid October thru Mid May

Enjoy Steelhead Fishing on the
Salmon River Pulaski New York

    Steelhead Trout start migrating into the Salmon River in October at the end of the Salmon Run. 

The 1880 House wants you to bring a Camera, not a Cooler for the Steelhead Trout.  Please practice Catch and Release for future fishing of these beautiful trout.  If you catch a trophy steelhead for mounting, or want to keep 1 steelhead for consumption then that is OK. We need to preserve our wonderful fishery. 

Between Columbus Day Weekend and Christmas-New Years is generally a good time to fish for Steelhead on the Salmon River, before the cold winter weather sets in. When planning a Steelhead fishing trip in January and February, try to make last minute plans, due to weather conditions. March thru Mid May is a great time to travel to Pulaski NY when the Steelhead Trout are spawning in the Salmon River and it’s tributaries. However BE AWARE of High Water Levels during March and April, (due to spring thaw) The 1880 House has a cancellation policy of NO PROBLEM, if the water level is un-fishable.  Check with us about conditions and water levels and where to fish.  Even when the water level is high - there are still some great areas to fish.

Please check with your guide for their cancellation policy.

Pulaski NY - Salmon River Guides:

 The 1880 House recommends hiring a fishing guide, to enhance your fishing trip. Whether you prefer fly-fishing, spey casting, center-pinning, or spin casting, a bank guided trip, or a drift boat trip, an experienced guide will teach you proper techniques, and guide you to the best area’s of the Salmon River and surrounding areas. We can coordinate a guide with your reservation.


There are many many fishing guides on the Salmon River. And many of the Salmon river guides are NOT teaching guides. by teaching guides - I mean guides that will teach you the how to fish the Salmon River for Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon. Our recommended guides will teach you how to read the water, how to properly fish the Salmon River and surrounding area's, and how to catch a fish legally (not to lift or snag a fish) .  

Check your guide out very carefully!!! Ask Questions!!!

How will you be fishing - Bank Fishing? Driftboat? Running Plugs?

Are you spin fishing, center-pinning, spey casting, fly fishing, or running plugs ?   Does the guide provide you with all the equipment?  What about bait and flies? 

What about lunch (some guides do provide lunch to their clients)   The 1880 House does have a very good sub-shop across the street to prepare your box lunch.

Important:  The 1880 House is not an Outfitter.  We do not charge a fee for finding you the right guide . We will assist you in finding a guide that meets your needs and wants for your type of fishing.  You book your guide directly and pay him directly.  Many lodges and outfitters charge a hidden fee for finding you a guide.  Never at the 1880 House will we charge a fee for your guide service.

Recommended Guides:

 (listed in alphabetical order) 

Andy Bliss  Chasin' Tail Adventure

Paul  Conklin     Paul's Guide Service

Brian Ferman      315-298-1179 or cell 315-396-1179    

Lou Guerrieri     Isle-Fish Guide

Tony  Gugino     Tony's Salmon Country Guide Service

Mark Keniston  Upland Fishing and Hunting Guide Service

Jim Kirtland    Row Jimmy Guide Service  607-239-7861 and find Jimmy  on Facebook 

Steven Kowalski     Angling Adventures

Mark Ledden  Driftwater Fishing

Pat Miura     Phone Pat at 315-777-3570 Specializing in Spey Casting and Fly fishing

Chris Mulpagano  Get the Net Guide Service (315) 387-2623

George O'Brien       Trophy Angler

Shane Thomas      Salmon River Guide

John Wisgo    NY Fishtales     

We also have other's that we recommend - phone us for more guides phone #'s.

Lake Ontario Charters:

NY Fishtales

Reel Silver Charters:   Capt. Dave Silver

Links to other sites:

Map of the Salmon River:  we suggest that you print out map's before arriving

‘Think ‘Safety’

While Fishing on the Salmon River

     There is over 11 miles of fishable waters, and the River conditions vary from quiet pools to class-two rapids. *The Salmon River is a hydroelectric river, and the water levels, CFS, (cubic feet per second) can change at any time.

    The Salmon River bottom is slippery year round and we recommend that you wear Korkers. Korkers are studded sandals that are very very important to wear. They can be purchased or rented from our area tackle shops.

Check Water Level before you fish:

Waterline Logo Lt Blue


Don’t Forget To Pack:

  • Chest Waders (with Wading Belt)

A wading belt is very important, should you fall in the Salmon River, it would only take moments for your waders to fill up with water. Waders can also be rented or purchased in Pulaski at our local tackle shops.

  • Polarized sunglasses : Wearing polarized sunglasses is for your safety!! Have you ever seen a split shot come flying back at you when trying to break off a snag? Wearing protective eyewear can help save an eye.  The polarized glasses cut the glare so you can see the bottom of the river and any obstacles in the river.   

  • Korkers:  Korkers (spiked footwear) is a must to wear while fishing in the  river and streams.  Korkers can be purchased or rented at local tackle shops.

  • WADING STAFF:  The river's are VERY SLIPPERY a Wading staff is very important. 

  • Rain Gear: plus an extra layer of warm clothing. (The 1880 House provides free washer and dryer facility for our guests)

  • Camera:  Our MOTTO ( FOR steelhead AND BROWN TROUT)   bring A CAMERA, NOT A COOLER!!!  Please take a picture and carefully release your fish. ( Please be careful taking pictures in the winter, when temperatures are below freezing, keeping their gill's out of water for the photo could KILL them.  If you want a photo please have an underwater camera to take thier photo. Please practice catch and release for future fishing.

  • COOLER: DURING SALMON SEASON, bring a cooler, if you want to keep a Salmon or two. We have a commercial ice machine to fill your coolers. Please do not bring a Cooler for Steelhead and Brown trout fishing, BRING YOUR CAMERA

Lake Ontario Charter   The 1880 House would be more than happy to assist you in booking a Lake Ontario Charter.

The 1880 House offers

1st Class Accommodations Catering 

to the Comforts of  Our Guests!!!!

Consider the 1880 House B&B


"Home Away From Home" as our guest's say

"It's like staying at a friends house" 

We Offer:

  • A warm area to hang your waders to dry, with a walk in basement from our parking lot. No need to take your waders off in you car or truck, you can just walk into our walk-in basement and have a warm comfortable area and chair to change  out of your waders and hang them up to dry.  If your clothing is wet, we offer free dryer use to dry your clothing.

  • Free Washer and Dryer Facility

  • Free Refrigeration and Freezer for your use

  • Free Commercial Ice Machine to fill your coolers

  • Located in Downtown Pulaski, overlooking the Salmon River

  • Located within a very short walk to some of the best fishing spots on the Salmon River. Staircase, Black hole, Town Pool, and Ball Park.

  • A short walk from tackle shops, restaurants, banks and Churches

For Reservations or additional information,


Phone:  315-298-3511 or 315-298-6088

1880 House

1 South Jefferson Street

Pulaski, New York 13142

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Owner:  Linda Tarbox


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